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Our Mission

Our mission is to make easy, affordable, sustainable, and distress-free travel experiences for tourists in all major tourist destinations.

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Founder's Message

Travel played a fundamental role in human evolution over the centuries and it still plays a vital role in augmenting the intellectual curiosity of humans. Hence the demand for travel is inevitable although we may have experienced a temporary set back with COVID-19. But if history is any benchmark, the travel is destined to rebound.

Welcome to Cossist. It was formed after its founders faced many challenges during their leisure travel to world-class destinations. When it comes to travel, productivity is measured by how easily one is able to navigate at the destination. Often tourists face many challenges and end up spending enormous amount of time chasing and filling the last mile from google searched information. This is where Cossist plays a pivotal role in the life of a tourist.

If you are traveling to a destination, Cossist wants to be your trusted companion. Most of the features in our platform are based on self service, meaning no another human intervention is required to make pertinent decisions of your visit. But in cases where you need a human assistance, we are just a tap away.

Cossist also makes an impact on social causes by providing opportunities to underprivileged and uneducated youth. We uphold Sustainable and Responsible tourism through our IMPRESS model. As you can imagine, one entity like Cossist can not solve it all. It is always a collective effort. There is no doubt that a pandemic like Covid can make the advancement in Tourism a few years back, but not the spirit of our minds. So let's join our hands and work towards a better world of Tourism.

If you are a stakeholder in Tourism, (be it an airline, Hotel, Museum, Local experience provider, Vacation rental) are you ready to make an impact in the life of your customers?

I am sure collectively we can lift up the world of travel to a new height.

John Mathew