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Cossist envisions to make 360 degree contributions to Tourism industry. Our primary purpose is to help tourists to have a seamless experience at a destination. We deliver this through our state-of-the-art mobile platform. In addition we intend to be a responsible global entity and we embraced a model called "IMPRESS" to achieve it. It should not be some buzzwords that are etched on a wall, rather these attributes should be actionable items that make a direct impact on Tourists and in turn the Tourism industry.

The definitions under IMPRESS could be fulfilled by various means and one may find there may be more. But below we are showing you how we, at Cossist, interpret this model and execute them in a consistent fashion. Eventually it should be a win-win situation and the benefits must go to both Tourists and Tourist Service Providers alike. If you are a service provider to Tourists, you may have your own way of contributions that uphold Sustainability and Responsibility. But we can join hands for a common cause and work together, because together we can make a better world of Tourism.

Here are our definitions and plans to achieve them.

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Inclusive tourism is about making a level playing field for all types of travelers, regardless of any challenges such as physical, language, gender etc. Reducing uncertainty as to what to expect at a destination is of prime importance. It is about creating an environment where all types of people feel welcomed and hence instill a sense of confidence. It benefits the ageing population, wheelchair population, children, moms and dads carrying infants in strollers, people with hearing and vision impairment, people who speak English as second language and just about anyone.

No one should be left behind. Cossist mobile platform was built to make this level playing field for all types of Tourists. We practice this by

  • By providing a live agent and Hybrid AI based chat service where any type of help is just a tap away.
  • Language barrier is mitigated by providing on-the-fly language translation in our chat service.
  • Special attention is given to safety and illness related requests.
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The ultimate aim of Cossist platform is to ensure a seamless concierge support when a tourist lands in a new destination. We invest in technology and partner with Tourism Service Providers to make it a reality. May be our platform is not for everyone; those who are familiar with the destination may not require our platform. But we, at Cossist, insist no one should find their visit at a destination stressful and distressed.

We make this happen by

  • Employing Hybid AI and live agent chat service.
  • Investing in technology like AI( Artificial Intelligence) and AR ( Augmented Reality) to support Tourists.
  • Partnering with experience service provides.
  • Promoting a safe and secure visit and thus instill a sense of confidence in Tourists.
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It is no brainer that tourism is one of the drivers of a nation's economic prosperity. Hundreds of jobs are created through Tourism. With a pandemic like Covid, this has been severely impaired. We at Cossist believe we are in a unique position to make significant contributions on a road to recovery.

We make contributions to prosper Tourism in the following way.

  • Ensuring all possible service providers are just a tap away for Tourists so that the services and experiences can be consumed easily.
  • Democratize the opportunity for all Tourism Service Providers.
  • Hybrid AI and Live agents to support decision making easy for Tourists.
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Closely related to Sustainable tourism, Responsible tourism refers to minimize the negative effect of travel mentally and environmentally. It is about giving an opportunity for tourists to explore and promote sustainable tourism. More often Sustainable and Responsible tourism are refereed interchangeably.

We contribute by

  • Ensuring sustainable tourism activities are promoted in our mobile platform
  • By helping tourists to nip their frustrations in the bud through our chat platform and thus giving a peace of mind to Tourists.
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Uncertainty at a Destination is a long-standing problem for Tourists. Often those who travel with family and infants find it challenging and anxious about the new place. Well, not anymore. Cossist addressed this challenge head-on with its state-of-the-art chat platform leveraging Hybrid AI. In addition, our live agent option is a platform to create job opportunities for unemployed and under educated youths.

Hence, we contribute by

  • Empowering Tourist to have a worry-free visit. They are not helpless anymore in our platform.
  • Creating jobs for the unemployed youth and the underprivileged and thereby empowering them to have a decent life.
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Sustainable Tourism stands for exploring a destination by respecting and enjoying local culture, environment, and people. The other side of the coin is mass-tourism, where travelers flock to popular places such as a cruise or a beach party.

It is entirely up to the traveler what choice they make. But at Cossist, we promote Sustainable tourism by

  • Promoting Rural Tourism.
  • Promoting Domestic Tourism.
  • Promoting National Heritage of destination.
  • Employing electric vehicles for urban mobility (coming soon).
Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Covid-19 may have changed certain behaviors of Tourists forever. A mandate on Social Distancing need not be looked upon as a constraint, rather it should be an incentive for people to travel safely. Tourists prefer to travel by making touchless transactions or by not standing in line. These could be some of the permanent preferred travel behaviors going forward.

Our mobile platform is uniquely positioned to support this behavior and we do this by

  • Enabling destination experiences and tickets digitally in the palm of a Tourist, supporting digital transformation.
  • Questions and concerns are answered from the comfort of a Tourist's current location.
  • Payments to service providers is done in a touchless fashion.
  • Helping Tourists to avoid long queues.
  • Ability to enjoy experiences without having to be in closed groups. (for example, museum exhibitions)

In a nutshell every problem gives opportunity to improve the status-quo. Cossist is in the forefront to make productive and meaningful contributions to the world of Tourism.