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are you truly connected with your
customers seamlessly?

How do you know they are walking away delighted?

Cossist helps you connect with your customers to ensure they get the best experience possible.

Delighted customer assistance

Do you want access to 3 generations of travelers
ready to spend their budget on your services?

assisting Gen X customers

Gen X

assisting Gen millennial customers


assisting Gen Z customers

Gen z


A FREE COncierge aSSISTant that connects your business with a world of mobile affluent customers who like to travel and savor what you offer.

Boost your trust and transparency by building a lasting friendship with your customers.

Wowing your customers is not about delivering your core services. It is about taking care of them throughout their journey with you: Before, During, and After.
Leave your customer with a "WOW" experience.

We can make it happen for you.

Translation assistance

COSSIST's built-in translation assistant removes language barriers.

consistent assistance

Allow COSSIST to assist your guests and customers from wherever they are.

24 x7 concierge assistance

COSSIST's local assistants are on-call 24/7 to serve your beloved guests.

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