About Us

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We ignite a painless travel experience

Traveling to world class destinations is not only in everybody's bucket list, but it also enlightens intellectual curiosity. The desire to travel is a ubiquitous wish list regardless of one's financial status or geographical constraints. There are countless stories where people save to the last drop to make travel- dreams a reality. But in spite of all the preparation one makes, the uncertainty in traveling to a new destination creates a sense of anxiety though a lot us try to cover it up. What if someone can alleviate this anxiety for good? That is exactly Cossist is all about. We want you to travel to a new destination with the same kind of ease that you would in your own neighborhood stroll.

We DO NOT want to you complain about your destination experience without using our services first. It is that simple.

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We offer consistent and predicable experience to our users.

When you travel, each city can have their own system to support their visitors and this could lead to a highly frustrating situation on the side of travelers, especially when they need it the most. With our investment in technology and global platform, we ensure our users will have a consistent and predicable experience across the globe. We enable our users to focus on enjoying the trip rather than a million things that could take the pleasure of travel away from them.

Cossist was born from genuine Travel pains

Cossist was born out of frustrating travel pains encountered by its founders during their travel. Those frustrating occasions would have been taken care by a simple and trustworthy companion at their service. Having spent many years in Information Technology, they explored the potential of leveraging technology to have seamless travel experiences, paving way for the birth of Cossist. Today, that simple idea has evolved into an end-to-end one-of-a-kind travel experience for our users.

Beyond just travel experience

Cossist is in the forefront of contributing its fair share in making this world a better place to live. The fact that our platform results in alleviating the pain from the world of travel is a living testament to that. But we are not stopping there. We take particular interest in providing employment opportunities to people who are unfortunate around us. This results in not only contributing to the local economy of the city we are in, but also shaping the life of individuals who would not get a chance to the world of employment otherwise.

In addition Cossist makes an unprecedent contribution to domestic tourism. Often the local residents of a city overlook the amazing jewels of attraction in their own neighborhood. We unearth these jewels for them, creating an environment of sustainable tourism.